Summer Heat Can Be Lethal to Outdoor Animals

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We are entering the ‘Dog Days of Summer’ and with the high temps and humidity upon us, outside animals can quickly overheat. As common sense dictates, fresh drinking water should always be available to animals, especially when the temperature is high. If you see an animal left outside and unprotected from the blazing heat and/or stormy weather, please call Animal Control. In cases where IMMEDIATE help is needed for an animal, call the Police or Sheriff’s Department as well.

Forsyth County Animal Control:  336.703.2490  or 336.703.2480
Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department:  336.727.2112
Winston-Salem Police Department:   336.723.7700

If you know of a dog with inadequate shade / shelter from storms, once you have called the authorities for immediate help, please also reach out to us at fureverfriendsforsyth@gmail.com to request assistance. We are a non-profit with limited physical resources but are doing the best we can with any situation we are made aware of. If we have dog houses, tarps or shades available, and a volunteer who is able to transport, we will be happy to provide.

Here are some important things to keep in mind
to keep animals safe during the summer months:

  • !! NEVER leave your pets unattended in the car !! Temperatures inside a parked car can very quickly reach temperatures over 100 degrees and can turn fatal in just a few minutes! Download the Humane Society’s “Hot Car flyer“.
  • Always have fresh drinking water available for your pets
  • Provide shade and a dog house for your dog to get some relief from the direct sun
  • Limit exercise on hot / humid days
  • Keep your pet cool ‘inside and out’ with pet-friendly popsicles or ice cream, a kiddie pool, water hose or cool body wrap. Don’t rely solely on the power of a fan to blow warm surface air on your pet as that is often not enough
  • Watch for signs of overheating and heatstroke:
    • Heavy panting, glazed eyes, rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, excessive thirst, lethargy, fever, dizziness, lack of coordination, excessive salivation, vomiting, deep red or purple tongue, seizure and unconsciousness

To view the list from The Humane Society in its entirety, click here.

Source: The Humane Society of the United States

Special care must be taken to protect our animals, and not doing so is against the law.

By county law, and as defined by Chapter 6, Section 6-1 of the Forsyth County Code, animals must have adequate housing consisting of 3 sides, a roof and a floor and must be wind and water resistant.* For better protection, a flap over the door and placing the house in the shade or in the shadows of a house or outbuilding will go a long way in making the dog more comfortable.

Not everyone cares for their pets as they should, nor do they obey the laws against animal cruelty and neglect. If you see an animal you believe is not being protected against the elements, don’t hesitate … call the authorities immediately! You may be the only voice for that animal and prevent it from suffering a  horrible death from heat stroke / exhaustion or other permanent illness such as brain damage resulting from heat exposure!

* Click here for Chapter 6 of the Forsyth County Code.


S A V E  the  D A T E

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5th Annual
Whiskers & Wine Summer Social

An enchanting evening of good food, good wine and good company, all to support a great cause! Proceeds will be used to benefit animals in Yadkin, Forsyth and surrounding counties in various ways including critical care, spaying/neutering, Project Animal Warmth (P.A.W.) and fences through Unchain Forsyth.

Friday, September 2nd, 2016
Hanover Park Vineyards
1927 Courtney-Hunstville Rd.

Yadkinville, NC  27055

Go to our Fundraisers & Events page for more info and to find out how to get your ticket!

Announcing Nikon’s Fund

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Fur-Ever Friends has established Nikon’s Fund in memory of Nikon, a heroic K9 Officer who served faithfully with the Winston-Salem Police Department for many years. The fund also serves to honor all K9 Officers who serve and protect our community by searching out stolen property and narcotics as well as helping locate people – both fugitives and as part of search and rescue operations. Nikon and Officer SimmonsUpon retirement, each K9 Officer’s handler in Forsyth County – whether Police or Sheriff – will receive a $250 grant as a token of appreciation for their service. In addition, the Fund will assist with any retired K9 Officer’s medical emergency should one arise.  Click here to read about Nikon’s many accomplishments.

To donate to Nikon’s Fund, click the “Donate” button on the left and indicate (‘add special instructions’) that your donation is for Nikon’s Fund.

 ~ With appreciation to all K9 Officers and handlers ~

Please help us help sick & injured animals!

Rico Fund

The Rico Fund was set up in honor of Rico, a retired K9 officer battling cancer. Sadly, he passed away but his legacy lives on by helping homeless sick and injured animals in need.  If you find a stray or abandoned animal that needs medical attention, contact us and see if we can help fund his or her medical care.  We are also able to help with spaying/neutering stray animals.

Our assistance is only possible with the help of generous donations from our community. Any amount helps and is much appreciated – please consider donating today.

If you would like to donate to help stray and abandoned animals in need, click on the “Donate” button on the left to donate via PayPal, or send a check to: Fur-Ever Friends of NC  P.O. Box 15742 Winston-Salem, NC 27113. Whether sending check or using Paypal, please write “Rico Fund” in memo field so your funds are delegated appropriately.

Read more about the Fund, and the animals you can help, on our Rico Fund page.

Fur-Ever Friends is a 501(c)3 non-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to the prevention of animal cruelty and neglect.  Within our organization, we have several special projects that serve to help animals in need in our community.

Unchain Forsyth

Our program is made up of an awesome team of volunteers who conduct evaluations of dogs that are chained 24/7 that belong to low-income families. Candidates for fence builds must meet certain requirements, including having a current rabies vaccination for their dog, and the dog must be spayed or neutered (or promised to have this done by the time the fence build is complete). Learn more about this amazing program on Facebook at Unchainforsyth or on YouTube at “Unchain Forsyth”, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram at “Unchain Forsyth”.

Nana - before and after 8.9.15

To apply and be considered for a fence for your chained dog, please download, complete and email the application (click here) to unchainforsyth@gmail.com, and include a photograph of your dog in its living environment.  Once your application has been reviewed, you will be contacted.

NOTE:  If you are renting your home, your landlord must agree to and sign the release form (click here) and include with your application in the email.

Our dedicated Unchain Forsyth volunteers have helped so many chained pets!

Check out these heartwarming videos on YouTube to see some of the dogs that we have helped!  You will be so happy to see the difference it makes the moment a dog is freed from its chain!  Click here to see them!

Houses for Hounds

Houses for Hounds is a local program, facilitated and managed by the Forsyth County Animal Shelter, but supported by a variety of animal welfare groups for the purpose of providing free dog houses to lower income Forsyth County residents.

If you know of a dog in need of new housing, click here to visit Animal Control’s website and submit an application to receive a free house.

** If you would like to donate a new or gently used dog house to this program, email Fur-Ever Friends at fureverfriendsforsyth@gmail.com so we can coordinate pick-up and / or delivery. We almost always know of dogs in need of new housing! **



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