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In 2008, Fur-Ever Friends of NC (FFNC) provided life-saving pet oxygen masks for fire trucks in Forsyth County, NC. Over time, this equipment has degraded from use and now must be replaced. In February 2022, FFNC launched the Pet Oxygen Mask Donation Program to raise $10,000 so that each fire truck in Forsyth County can be equipped with two sets of pet oxygen masks


Just as with humans, when animals are rescued from a fire they often require oxygen to survive the trauma. “An estimated 40,000 pets die in residential fires each year, most from smoke inhalation, and 500,000 are affected overall.1

To support this much-needed cause to help protect the animals in our community, please DONATE. We are able to accept monetary donations via check, PayPal, or credit card.

 1 Source: When Fire Strikes Home, Susan C. Kahler, 2018,

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