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"There is no worse punishment for a dog than a life sentence at the end of a chain. Forcing man's best friend to exist in the same barren patch 24/7 deprives these highly social pack animals of proper socialization and the opportunity to move around and explore."


Unchain Forsyth builds fences for dogs that have lived their lives at the end of a chain. An awesome team of volunteers gathers once a month to build fences and celebrate in the joy these dogs experience once they become “chain free.”


Low-income candidates for fence builds must meet certain requirements including having a current rabies vaccination for their dog, having the dog spayed or neutered and agreeing to never chain the dog again.


Education is also a key component to these fence builds. Fur-Ever Friends encourages the families to include their dogs in their everyday lives and to play, walk, and engage their pets.























Application can be found below. Please complete the application and either email it back to us at or mail to Unchain Forsyth at PO Box 15742 Winston-Salem, NC 27113.  Please also include a photograph of your dog in its current living environment. Once your application has been reviewed, you will be contacted.

Unchain Forsyth Fence Application (Word document)

Unchain Forsyth Fence Application (PDF)

NOTE: If you are renting your home, your landlord must agree to and sign the release form. Please submit the signed form with your application.

Unchain Forsyth Landlord Release Form

Please visit our Facebook page to learn more about our day-to-day advocacy and activities, along with videos and pics of the dogs we have unchained. It will warm your heart to see the difference it makes the moment a dog is freed from its chain! And before you leave, be sure to click in the video box below to see a special video of the two dogs we unchained.  

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CLICK HERE to see more heartwarming videos of UNchained dogs enjoying the freedom they deserve!

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